Status: Alive, Helpful, Manager of the PC's camp


Ishirou is a rugges Tian man who appears much older than he is, with graying hair worn in a ponytail and a perpetual scruffy beard. His clothing and armor are well kept and clean, but obviously of low quality. Only his sword, a beautiful katana given to him by a member of the Aspis Consortium to ensure his loyalty (and to increase the perceived dept he owes the group), has any real value. Ishirou is rightfully protective of it, as it is his only material link to his cultural heritage.

Taciturn and dour, Ishirou has no sense of humor and little reason to smile. He has little patience for those who strike him as wasteful or spoiled, and is easily flustered by the attention of an attractive woman.


Ishirou grew up on his father’s ship, but grew to resent what he felt was a stolen childhood – he saw how those who stayed in one location set down roots, grew rich, and established empires. In a foolish attempt to force his family to settle down, young Ishirou stole down to the waterfront and lit his father’s ship on fire, only to watch in horror and shame as his father heroically leapt aboard the ship and tries to save it. His father died in the fire, and Ishirou’s secret drove him to stow away on an Aspis Consortium ship bound for Bloodcove. Ten years have passed since then, and Ishirou has worked as a sailor, thug, messenger, soldier, and guard for the Aspis Consortium the entire time. He boarded the Jenivere at Bloodcove, having finally paid off his dept to the Consortium and is eager to seek a new life in Sargava.


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